Everything starters need to know about indoor tanning lotions and suntan lotions

Have you been thinking of doing some indoor tanning? You must be wondering whether to use an indoor tanning lotion or typical suntan lotion to give you that glossy look you wish for. An indoor tanning lotion keeps your skin looking healthy. These lotions are important than typical suntan lotions so you should always use them even when going to use a tanning bed. Here are some facts about indoor tanning lotions that starters should know about.

1.     Works best during short session tanning

Indoor tanning lotions are designed to use for shorter intense indoor tanning sessions. This gives you a deeper quicker tan that looks so natural. The regular suntan lotions are used to protect you from UV rays damage during lengthy period of time spends outside. Using indoor tanning lotions is healthier since there is no any exposure to the UV rays.

2.     Wont damage tanning beds

Indoor tanning lotions do not damage the acrylic material that is used to make tanning beds. Using regular suntan lotions damages the acrylic material and it creates a film that restricts the tanning process. Regular suntan lotions limit the tan you obtain when used in tanning bed.

3.     It may or may not have SPF

Indoor tanning lotions do not contain a sunscreen. It contains a helpful ingredient so you do not need much SPF protection like when you are using regular suntan lotions. Any person thinking of using an indoor tanning lotion should know that with indoor tanning your tan time is set to limit your exposure to UV rays. It’s good to keep in mind that outdoor tanning limits your skin exposure to UV rays so you should select the appropriate SPF.Most tanning salons frown on the use of tanning lotion with SPF due to its effect on acrylic parts of the tanning beds. They opt to sell indoor tanning lotions since they do not contain SPF.If you need a sunscreen be sure to buy one and take it with you each time you go to the tanning bed for the safety of your skin.

4.     Enhance UV rays rather than block them

A regular suntan lotion contains sunscreen with SPF thus blocking the UVA and UVB rays from damaging your skin. This largely influences the benefits of indoor tanning in a very positive way. An indoor tanning lotion enhances the effect of UV rays. This is because it contains a special ingredient that limits your exposure to UV rays. Indoor tanning lotions are designed to work with ultraviolet light to help your skin achieve a tan.


If you are going to use a lotion you should use an indoor tanning lotion. A typical suntan lotion only protects your skin from sun damage which is way far much low compared to indoor tanning lotions. Indoor tanning lotions limits your exposure to UV rays which is a huge plus for the product. All starters should opt to use indoor tanning lotions for the sake of their health.

How to use indoor tanning lotions

When you control your tanning process by skin conditioning you are certain to get a deeper and long lasting tan. An indoor tanning lotion contains vitamins and aloe Vera which gives your skin extra moisture that is needed for darker deeper tan. Here are the ways of maintaining your skin for indoor tanning.

·        Apply a pre-tanning lotion

Before exposing your skin to UV light in a tanning bed apply a pre-tanning lotion. This lotion helps   in exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. Pre-tanning lotion contains an ingredient that nourishes your skin preparing it fully for the tanning process. This product is the foundation of building a healthy tan. A well cultivated tan can act as the body most effective sunscreen protecting your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

·        Use an amplifier

An amplifier allows the ultraviolet rays to penetrate the skin. It also moisturizes the skin while tanning for worthwhile results. Ultraviolet rays normally bounce off your body so the amplifier ensures that more UV rays gets through for a deeper tan. The produced is so deep and dark thus lasting for longest time which protects your skin from much damage by the UV lights in tanning beds.

·        Apply an after tanning lotion

When your tanning session in a tanning bed is through you should apply an after tan lotion. This lotion replenishes and moisturizes your skin after drying up during tanning process. After tan lotions helps in minimizing peeling and it keeps your skin moist and healthy. Always choose designers post-tanning lotion since they are manufactured by experts in tanning industry so you are certain of good results.

·        Exfoliate gently

Before entering your tanning bed always remember to exfoliate. Exfoliate gently before even applying your indoor tanning lotion so that you can have a fresh surface for the UV rays to act on thus developing a natural looking tan. It’s good to be safe than sorry that’s why it’s important to try the indoor tanning lotion on a patch of your skin  before putting it all over your body to know the reaction.


When using indoor tanning lotions it’s important to wear protective clothing just like you do with other tanning products. Indoor tanning lotion contains DHA ingredient that may cause damage to your DNA and skin cells. This is why you should not overuse the indoor tanning lotion since it can highly damage your skin. Cover your mouth and nose since DHA is not safe for inhaling.

How to choose the best tanning lotion for your skin

If you are not willing to lie down in the sun you should opt for tanning lotions that are designed for indoor and sunless tanning. For you to understand what type of tanning lotion to use you must know your skin type and have an idea on the kind of tanning lotion that is most likely to work for you. There are three ways to get a tan: indoor tanning, sunless tanning and conventional tanning. Indoor tanning lotion helps in building up of even full body tan and it also keep you from burning. Here the ways through which you can choose the best tanning lotion for your skin.

1.     If you have a fair skin

People with fair skin are more prone to sunburn and skin damage. If you have this skin type you should steer clear from conventional and indoor ways of tanning for health purposes. You should employ sunless tanners that contains SPF to get the tan you yearn for. Make sure that your tanning lotion contains bronzer so that you can get the tan without the orange look.

2.     For olive skin

People with this type of skin are the luckiest since they tend to tan rather than burn. You need to take some precautions for the safety of your skin. Always be cautious with amount of time you spend out in the sun or in the tanning bed to avoid skin damage. Choose a tanning lotion that is designed for your skin for worthwhile results. In case you go for a tanning lotion that has some heat behind them ensures to use them sparingly. That way you will get used to the feeling and you will be ready to use them more often.

3.     For dark skin

Folks with dark skin do not have to worry about burning and skin conditioning. However, this doesn’t mean that they should ignore taking the necessary precautions. Tanning lotions keeps your skin hydrated, nourished and even. You should exfoliate your skin gently before using the tanning lotion. This removes the dead skin cells keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy. When your skin is hydrated it tans easily and the possibility of dry flaky skin is totally reduced.


Am sure now you have understood how you can choose a good tanning lotion for your skin. Put into consideration the method of tanning to use and the type of skin you have. These are the two main determiners for you to purchase the best tanning lotion possible for a gorgeous tan.



How to choose a self-tanner

It’s so easy to acquire a gorgeous glow without suffering any sun damage. You only need to choose the right sunless tanning product. Selecting the right formula for your skin complexion is the first step in achieving a natural looking tan. Applying your self-tanner the right way will save you the embarrassing telltale streaks. Tanning the old fashioned way increases the skin cancer risk but no need to worry since todays self-tanners are easy to apply. Here are some ways in choosing the best self-tanner that will give you the gorgeous look you yearn for.

       i.          Self-tanner formulas

Self-tanners come in several formulas including sprays, gels and lotions. The lotion formulas add hydration and are so easy to apply compared to sprays. Sprays are most convenient for oily skin types since they dry easily and are not as heavy as cream formulas.

     ii.          Consider your skin tone

Your skin color is sole determiner of the type of self-tanner you buy. While buying the self-tanner you should look for the box that indicates the skin type. If you are pale you will get a health glow but the color will not be too obvious. For those who have olive skins are so lucky since most shades of bronze will suit them. When choosing the self-tanner always remembers to choose the strength of the tan you want.

   iii.          The kind of the tan you want

When choosing the self-tanner it’s important to keep in the kind of shade you want as the end result. Some people only consider being a few shades dark while there are those who want a totally dark shade. Bronzing lotions are the most convenient since they are not messy and they can be controlled unlike sprays which are hard to control and can leave you with patchy areas.

    iv.          Your skin complexion

Self-tanners are used depending on skin complexion of the tanners. There are so many self-tanning products in the market. When choosing your self-tanner the most important thing to consider is your skin complexion. There are three main complexion dark skin, fair skin and medium skin. For a dark skin complexion you should opt for a product that has a slight golden finish to impart a fresh, radiant finish. For the medium skinned people they should opt for darker sunless sunless tanners for a natural looking end results. If you have a fair skin you should always be sure to exfoliate for the most -even finish. Before using the self-tanner you should do a patch-testing on a small area of the skin to determine whether the product you have chosen matches your natural tone.


The biggest challenge in choosing a self-tanner is to make sure you do not turn orange because it’s so embarrassing. Each skin complexion is a mix of different colors. To achieve a natural looking tan you should know your undertones and also the way you tan. Always keep in mind everything you need to know choosing your self-tanner and you should give any person a chance to mislead you.



How to Apply your Self Tanner

Do you want a gorgeous tan without any worries about sun damage? Well, you should use a self-tanner and leave UV rays out of the equation. Sunless tanning is the most efficient way to tan your skin without exposing it to any damage. I know you have heard stories about bad self-tanning methods that include streaks and dark creases. You can avoid all these problems if you prep your skin correctly and apply the self-tanner as per instructions given .Here are steps to follow when applying self-tanner at home.

ü  Remove hair from the areas to be tanned

When trying to apply the self-tanner evenly the thick hairs can get in the way. You should shave your legs or arms for worthwhile end results. There is no need of shaving the fine hairs before the tanning process unless you want to. For an even natural looking tan you should get rid of your old self tanner. This is to exfoliating the dead tanned skin cells so that they can shed off evenly giving you a nice glow.

ü  Exfoliate your skin

It’s important to exfoliate well in a shower before tanning. You can use a scrub gel or brush to exfoliate thoroughly. Exfoliating with a scrub gel helps to remove dead skins cells thus ending up with a pretty finish. By removing the uppermost layer it ensures that the tan develops in a fresh layer. A dry skin tends to absorb more color thus uneven tan. For even dry skin tan you should moisturize your skin after exfoliating. When exfoliating you should spend a little more time on areas where you skin is thickest like elbow, ankles and knees.

ü  Dry off your skin

When applying the self-tanner your skin should be completely dry. You should ensure that the place you are is cool enough. This is to ensure you do not sweat for the next few hours during your tanning process. Drying off your body helps your self-tanner to go on evenly.

ü  Apply in section

Before applying the self-tanner you should put on gloves to protect your hands from turning orange. In case you do not have the gloves you should wash your hands with soapy water after every session. For a natural looking tan you should apply yourself tanner from the ankles up towards your torso. Squeeze a small amount of the self-tanner on the palm of your hand and spread it on skin in circular motion. Always follow the instructions given in the formula so as to determine for how long you should rub it in. Apply the self-tanner to one body part at a time to avoid missing any spot.

ü  Blend at your wrist and ankles

When applying the self-tanner you need to extend it from your ankles to your feet and from your wrist to your hands. This is to get a natural looking around these areas. You can use a regular moisturizing lotion around these areas since it works well.

ü  Wait to dry

For 15 minutes after the application of the tanning product you should avoid contact with anything and do not get dressed. Avoid doing anything that will subject you to sweating for the three hours after application. You should wait for 7 hours before applying more tan or taking a bath.

ü  Remove the tanner on the darker areas

If you have patches that are darker than the other areas then you need to take a bit of the tanner off. You can use a scrub brush or lemon juice to clean up the affected area. You can also apply the tanning lotion on the bare spots but you should be extra careful not to use too much tanner.

ü  Moisturize your skin

For a long lasting tan you should moisturize your skin. Moisturizing can be done by rubbing lotion on your skin every day. You can use a sunscreen in case you to go outside to protect your skin from damaging rays.

ü  Reapply the self-tanner for a deeper tan

If your tan is beginning to fade or you want it deeper you should reapply the self-tanner using the same method. Apply it evenly to avoid having splotchy areas. Re-applying the self-tanner gradually helps to deepen your tan. A few shades darker tan looks more natural and even.


Looking forward to using a self-tanner on your face or body the above steps will be of great help. Tanning gives you the sun kissed glow that is so natural looking. A self-tanner should be re-applied after a few days to prevent it fading unevenly leaving you with patchy areas.



Good things about indoor tanning lotions

An indoor tanning lotion gives you a nice-looking tan without exposing your skin tot he sun’s UV radiation. Here’s probably why you should go for indoor tanning compared to other types of tanning.

 It reduces dry skin

Does your skin feel so dry after using the tanning bed? If your answer to this question is yes you shouldn’t worry any more. Applying an indoor tanning lotion before entering a tanning bed will reduce the drying effect of UV rays. An indoor tanning lotion contains anti-aging ingredients which reduces the appearance of wrinkles spots and premature aging of the skin. Using indoor tanning lotions keeps you looking younger each day.

Keeps your skin moisturized

Tanning keeps your skin dehydrated due to the heat. Indoor tanning lotion moisturizes your skin thus improving your tan. Since moist skin tans better than dry skin you are sure that your tan will be more even and gorgeous. An indoor tanning lotion makes your skin softer and it greatly reduces the chances of developing wrinkles faster like a dry skin does.

It prevents burning

Indoor tanning lotions helps to prevent sunburn since they keep your skin moisturized. They also shorten the time your skin takes to start tanning. Although it does not contain SPF the ingredients used to make the indoor tanning lotion prevents UV rays from damaging your skin.

Helps in developing even tan

Among the ingredients used in making indoor tanning lotions is tan enhancing agents. This tan enhancing agent helps to continue tanning even after leaving the tanning bed. You should wait for some hours before showering since your tan is still developing.

Saves your time and money

An indoor tanning lotion accelerates your tan to a darker tan quicker. The tan will be so deep that there is no need of tanning more often. This really saves your money and time since you do not have to spend the entire day in a tanning salon.

It evens and makes your tan last longer

An indoor tanning lotion hydrates your skin making your tan more even. This gives the sun-kissed glow that everyone yearns for. It also makes your tan to last longer since a hydrated skin does not peel off faster. This   saves your skin from damage since you do not have to go for tanning sessions more often.

No after-tan odor

When the bacteria on your skin gets hot you experience a smell that caused by using tanning beds. Indoor tanning lotions are available in variety making it easier for you to choose your favorite depending on the scent. This scents keeps off the odor keeping you smelling fresh. They also contain anti-bacterial ingredient that eliminates the odor after using tanning beds.


Indoor tanning lotion contains a helpful ingredient that nourishes your skin making it look healthier. They also enhance the tone of your natural tan giving you a sun-kissed glow. It helps you save your money since you use less time to get tanned. Indoor tanning lotion keeps your skin moist due to its moisturizing effect giving you a perfect glow.



Common Questions about Tanning

There are so many different types of tanners out there, from tanning lotions, tanning sprays and tanning beds. It’s important for those who intend to use them to understand every crucial detail about them. Many questions have been asked about tanning . Here are some examples.

What are the risks associated with people working in tanning facility?

Most tanning facility employees undergo training to learn helpful hints to keep them safe while at work. They are supposed to follow all the tanning dos and dons just like tanning clients. For the safety of the employee’s eyes the tanning device should have safety barriers all round to avoid line sight eye while in use.

a)   How long will it take to see results?

The skin tone change should be noticeable just a few minutes after the tanning session. It would take around 4 sessions for a base tan and then 2-3 tanning sessions a week to maintain your tan.

b)   Can one use outdoor lotion in the tanning beds?

No.Outdoors tanning lotions are not recommended since they can easily inhibit the tanning process. Outdoors tanning lotion tends to form a film on acrylic thus messing up the entire session.

c)     Will swimming affect my tan?

Swimming in salt water can easily fade your tan. This causes streaking diminishing the length of your tan. However, taking a shower and other physical activities will not affect the quality of your tan. The heat from the shower helps in opening up your pores thus enabling your skin to take in oxygen which is vital to the tanning process. A shower removes dead cells thus allowing the active ingredient to work into the live skin cells more easily thus a flawless look.

d)    How do I protect a tattoo?

The chemicals used in tattoos are very sensitive to the UV exposure. It’s advisable not to tan until the skin has healed but if you must do the tanning cover the tattooed area completely. Once the skin is healed the chemical will have lost the UV sensitivity. You can use a designer lip smoothie with SPF to preserve the brilliancy of your tattoo.

e)     What are the benefits of tanning in a tanning bed?

Tanning beds provides an environment for cosmetic tanning. Most people believe that they look good when they have a tan. Tanning beds saves on time and energy compared to spray tanning which is tiring and time taking.

f)      Why is indoor tanning considered to be the smart tanning?

Indoor tanning minimizes the risk of sunburn while enjoying the benefits of having a tan. This is called smart tanning since tanners are taught by trained tanning professionals on how their skin reacts with sunlight and on how to avoid sunburn outdoors.

g)     Do I need to wear protective eye wear?

Always wear eye protection that is designed tanners. While tanning you should ensure that your eyes are completely covered to protect them from UV light. Pick the professional eye wear that   works for you and use it during tanning processes.

h)    What the difference between low pressure unit and high pressure unit?

High pressure unit generates UVA during tanning session through a sophisticated filtering system. It takes fewer sessions with high pressure units to build up a golden tan and maintain it.A low pressure unit emits both UVB and UVA but at a very low energy level. It gives a red tone tan that requires maintain more often which is time consuming and expensive.

i)      What area the precautions of tanning indoors?

When tanning indoors you should not rush your tan just leave to be obtained gradually for appealing results. If you under any medication you should consult your physician since some medication can cause overexposure due to their sensitivity to the UV light.


All these questions are asked by tanning beginners most especially. This is for them to gather all the knowledge needed about tanning to avoid mistakes. Tanning process can be complicated and delicate but by having information on how to go about it will help you to be overexposed or getting burned.